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Online marketplace Ebay offer two ways to sellers to sell and buyers to buy wide variety of products. Buy it Now and bidding option are made available to users. In bidding option, buyer has an option to bid the price they are willing to pay to buy the product.

Buyer with highest bidding price gets the product and in Buy it Now option seller update the price of product. Other revenue generation model on websites like Ebay is Advertisement. Online marketplace websites like Ebay sells advertising on their websites that go on external websites.

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Ebay also own some classified ads that generate some revenue for the online marketplace platform. Other revenue souce is giving license of their in-house technologies to other companies.

The eBay you grew up with is dead. Cause of death: Carl Icahn

Online marketplace like Ebay generate revenue from various sources but the major chunk of revenue comes from online marketplace. Ebay accepts all the online payment options with EMI payment method with allow buyer to pay in monthly installments. Ebay authentication policy for all the products and product verification by experts.

Bidding option to buy products. Online marketplace website like Ebay has a large list of competitors. Even with first player to enter in online marketplace domain around the world, Ebay is facing a huge competition. Ebay is the only place to offer auction of products that attract large set of audience around the world. No other online marketplace is able to offer auction feature to buyer and seller both. Rare collectable items and huge toy collection along with auction listing appeal to buyers.

Ebay online marketplace is successful with its unique interface. Ebay offers search algorithm unlike of search engine which search information, but Ebay search for physical products around the world.

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Online marketplace Ebay retains their market share of audience and safeguard Ebay from large set of online marketplace competitors. Ebay is an online marketplace for buying and selling of products around the world.

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  • Online marketplace Ebay is quite different from other players. Ebay core offering is better services to buyers and sellers. Other online marketplace competitors focus more on products. Auction feature of Ebay along with buy product at fixed price is a unique offering to engage buyer and sellers.

    Focus online deals

    This eBook aims to educate you about Tookan and its services in some depth — also discussing its applicability to…. Read more…. Download Now. Tell us about it. On Demand Businesses Report link to buyers for fake and unauthenticate product. Related Resources Making an impression with a fully customisable landing page for your marketplace. Learn how Tencent is doubling down marketplaces in India. Search Search for:. One of the smartest commercial moves you can make is to get such customers to do business with your competitors, no matter what size.

    Amazon, eBay, Etsy or Your Own Shop?

    That sends your potential headaches and red ink to them while you focus your efforts on retaining the good customers. The customers that Amazon or eBay and its clients pick up are likely only there for the bargain. When the big boys use such tactics, take an aggressive but counterintuitive stand. Explicitly welcome the competition.

    Put up signs telling your customers about the promotion. Become an expert in using these price-matching apps and offer to help customers to use them correctly. That helps put them into a different psychological state where you can communicate and possibly sell to those who are open to a relationship.

    In effect, the big company has done the customer acquisition for you. Plan ahead, and you might even get local media attention for the response. Remember, when big competitors want to send you lemons, open up a lemonade stand. The opinions expressed here by Inc.